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We are skilled at asking the right questions

to match & explain innovative solutions that fit your business

This has to be the first and most vital step of any consultation. It involves allot of talking on your part and allot of listening and explaining on ours. There is no such thing as the best software or Web platform. There certainly is however the most appropriate class of software for any given business idea and there is also a most appropriate and best-in-class.
So the primary job of the Devaxa consultant is to match the perfect platform(s) to your business. Platforms that do the best job now, grow and change in the future and make your day to day business tasks as cost-effective, efficient and just plain simple, as any platform available.

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Finding & choosing the right solutions

Devaxa consultants know this and it is the part of their job they take more seriously than any other. We have no vested interest in any specific software and you will only be recommended the most appropriate, best-in-class solutions for you. We do not employ sales people! When an exact match to a businesses requirements has been found and explained they are not necessary. The key platforms for our e-commerce solutions here at Devaxa are: Volusion and Magento with more content focused platform solutions geared towards WordPress and Joomla. We also recommend bespoke PHP solutions when appropriate. Tailoring solutions to you

Our consultants know the best-in-class platforms extraordinarily well. They are skilled at asking the right questions to match, and explain matches to your business needs, now and the future. It doesn’t matter how good the parts of the solution are implemented if the right solution has not been chosen in the first place.

Tailoring solutions to you

So what can Devaxa do for you? Once the best solution for you has been found, we can then work together to help you decide who will implement the different parts of the solution. This will usually depend upon you and your staff skill set and time commitments. So for example if you have an in-house SEO/Marketing expert you might want to take responsibility yourself in these areas. Equally you might have reliable data entry qualified staff but without the specific platform experience. Here you could pick between having Devaxa set up your store catalogue or have us train your staff member to take on responsibility. The point is that having arrived at the perfect solution for your business we can then tailor its implementation exactly as you choose.

The parts of the solutions

HERE is a very brief explanation to the different parts of the solutions we offer. You can find out more about the parts that interest you by following the appropriate links.

Design & branding

This is the most openly critical part of your online image. It is what the customer sees and makes split second decisions about you with. Branding is about framing the exact message you want your customers to get in a logo and other assets we can create for you after detailed consultation. Design refers to the Web site template design and how that integrates seamlessly to compliment your brand and create trust with your customers through visual competence and stunning aesthetics. Devaxa don’t just have designers we have designers who specialise in each of the different platforms we match to your business requirements.


The topic of online marketing is vast and wide. And as with tailoring the overall solution there is no one best strategy. It will depend on your specific business and your objectives.
We can handle or advise upon your market needs including optimising and advertising with search engines, social marketing and social stores, right through to writing the best content for articles and product descriptions to drive customers to your store and help them to buy.
More on marketing.
Diagnosis & Repair
Maybe you already have an online Web presence but things need to be working better. We can talk to you about your commerce woes as well as analyse your Web site. Slow performing site, software errors or bugs? Let our experts in the appropriate area fix them for you. More on diagnosis and repair.
Data Migration
If you aren’t sure if your existing Web site is implementing the best solutions, Devaxa can advise you and if required migrate your store/site to a different server/host or software platform. Need a catalog backed up, installed or re-vitalised we can help. More on data migration.
We admit that sometimes its better to for a business to take on responsibilities in-house but the existing skill-set is not always available. Devaxa can perform training on everything from operating the admin control panel of your chosen solution, through to all forms of marketing and SEO. More on our training packages.
"So hopefully what we can offer you is apparent. The best solution for you, only the parts of the solution you need implemented by experts."

The Devaxa Difference


We are a team of technical marketers who care about doing great work, and assessing our results with honesty and integrity.


We apply deep expertise across the broad landscape of digital marketing to help our clients realize their goals.


Because digital moves at the speed of light, and our clients rely on our expertise to deliver critical insights, flawless execution and measurable results.

Step Out from the Past & in to the Future

Devaxa's Digital Transformation approach delivers customer focused technologies

"A technology shift not backed by a corresponding cultural and marketing mindset shift puts the whole success of the digital business initiative at risk"