About Us


Devaxa are Web development specialists focusing on all aspects of building e-commerce and content Web sites. Our specialisations concentrate on best-in-class solutions that enable us to offer unparalleled service and ultra-high quality end products for you..

What we do

Our most important goal is that we exceed our clients expectations at every opportunity. We will use every resource available to make certain this happens: expertise in design, software development, hosting, data migration and marketing strategy. As long as we strive for that goal, we will continue building our history and yours.

How we do it

“We treat our customer right, take care of our people, be honest in our dealings, pass savings along to our customers, keep things simple, think smart, control costs and continuously improve operations”

Nick Choudry (Managing Director)

What you get

  • Recommend and fully explain the best, most appropriate solution for you.
  • Build you an amazing web site at an affordable price.
  • Develop a killer brand and keep it fresh.
  • Help you master your SEO, marketing and social presence.
  • Use our Volusion, Magento, Shopify, Joomla and eDAX specialisation to give a 100% seamless end product.
  • Space & Equipment Availability
We hope you will trust us with your Web venture, we will do everything to make you a success because only then do we consider that we have succeeded.

What makes us different to the rest?

We are not your run-of-the-mill Web developers. We have put together a specialist team which helps us tailor our services, precisely to your requirements. The result is stunning products at the best prices.
Separating the wheat from the chaff
Designers, SEO’s and Web support businesses abound. So clearly you don’t want to put your faith with the first company you come across just because they have a nice Web site that makes a few promises. There are a some things you can do to recognize great Web services companies from mediocre ones or worse.
Talk to us

Do they listen and suggest genuinely viable solutions that make common sense or do they hide behind tech jargon and business speak, implying that you need to take a leap of faith and trust them with your time, money and ultimately, your entire business?

Most web services companies will claim experience. We have helped companies of all sizes to succeed on a diverse range of platforms and we are also ready for your business if it requires something totally new or diverse.
Look at the solutions they offer. Do they offer a diverse enough range of solutions or are they likely to just offer the one or two options they are comfortable with or make them the most profit? At DEVAXA we offer a best-in-class solution to match all possible requirements but we don’t achieve this through a scatter gun approach of software and services but through intense specialisation of those critical best-in-class solutions.
f you have already tendered for a few quotes then you will have probably seen how wide ranging the costs can be. The critical thing comes back to the same issues every time. Has the company who quoted you, listened to you and fully understood what it is you exactly require and, explained to your satisfaction, the precise solution? Or have you just received a quote, perhaps with some pretty pictures?
At DEVAXA, by gaining an absolutely complete and utter understanding of your requirements we can offer the perfect solution for you as well as discuss all the optional services and give you a price that you can believe is accurate and fulfills exactly what you expect.
And perhaps almost as important, we will probably surprise you with the bottom line figure as well. We can achieve this because we have a wide and diverse team which enables us to assign exactly the right tasks to the right skill-set. A beautiful e-commerce business does not have to cost the Earth.

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