It Starts

With a Plan

a Smart Plan


Without a map, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we create a clear cut path to success right from the start. We use a brief to gather information about your unique needs. Then, we construct a strategic plan that outlines the steps your business needs to take to achieve its goals.


Design is more than a pretty site, it’s the foundation of your business’ success. Our designers approach every project with an open mind and a distinct direction. Whether you need your existing website revamped or you’re ready to start from scratch, we work with you to select the right look and feel for your site


We don’t just develop sites, we drive businesses forward. We create full-fledged eCommerce websites and applications that provide relevant, functional shopping experiences for your customers. Most importantly, our development is based on quality coding that integrates seamlessly across all devices and platforms.


As our customer’s needs change, we continue to supply cutting-edge systems that give them a competitive edge. We make sure that our clients’ sites are always online and working. We take preemptive action by immediately fixing bugs, applying updates, and regularly performing hosting maintenance.

Actionable Insights Equal Growth

Our custom user behaviour measures are intelligently combined with user insights so we can reveal previously unnoticed opportunities that have been living in your Data.

Magento Agency

By assessing and understanding a businesses internal digital competence and training requirements we look at the long term success in addition to short term acceleration.

We inspire businesses & people

Not just to survive but to keep evolving and growing. By exposing familiar but limiting patterns, old but unproductive processes and removing any outdated routines or protocols.

Software Development

By implementing predefined processes, adhering to both development lifecycle and enterprise architecture best practices. Devaxa delivers quick, efficient and scalable software solutions that work best for your business.

Digital Agency in London

Our Research & Development framework drives our time-to-market policy. This is Devaxa's cutting-edge to competitive-edge strategy: first in the field so that YOU are first to benefit.

Websites & Applications

We build next generation websites and web apps that work on all devices, using state-of-the-art web technologies, and powerful administration tools to edit and manage your site anytime, anywhere.

Your Long-Term Partner

The success of your website is extremely important to us. We view ourselves as your long-term partner who can help in many ways long after the site has been launched.

Responsible & Responsive

We pay attention to every aspect of building your website. Not only do our sites look good, but they are coded to be clean, efficient, fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Our high quality of design and development work ensure that you are getting the best for your online store.

Empathy Connects Technical Intelligence to Solutions

"Reach out, call me. Let’s start the conversation to establish how effective we can be by defining what we can do for you, how we do it and why. It is important that we align beyond the technical aspect. We first empathise and then analyse, so when you engage with us, you get a partner with integrity, flexibility, and the commitment to see projects through on time, on budget, and above expectations."
Devaxa Ltd
Devaxa Ltd

Devaxa creates experiences that bring people and products together. We deliver outstanding customer shopping experiences, both online and in-store, that drive traffic, increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

We partner with the best technology providers on the market to deliver best in class digital commerce experiences for UK companies. We create shopping experiences of the future through bricks & click.

Whether your a small start-up project or an established business, we're here to help!


If you're thinking like everone else, then you aren't thinking!

Why Devaxa?

  • Clear understanding of client needs
  • Collaboration through every step
  • Impactful solutions delivered on time
  • Lean & Agile development processs
  • End-to-end solution support

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